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Charmaine Shettlesworth

Transform Your Tales into Narrative Adventures.

Uncover the Author Within with Our Masterclass.

About Me

I am Charmaine Shettlesworth, a multifaceted professional with a passion for empowering writers. As a course creator, author, keynote speaker, and writing coach, I guide aspiring authors through the intricacies of the publishing process. My mission is to assist writers in bringing their books to fruition.

I excel in guiding individuals not just through the writing process but also in effectively launching their books. Moreover, I specialize in transforming these works into captivating courses or coaching programs. Over the course of my career, I've had the honor of nurturing the birth of book ideas and shepherding authors through drafting and polishing manuscripts to perfection. Additionally, I offer my expertise in proofreading, copy editing, book cover design, publishing logistics, and marketing strategies through our esteemed publishing company. I've published my debut book and am diligently working on my second.



  • Family: Two children, aged 11 and 14.

  • Relationship Status:  Divorced.

  • Occupation: I am a dedicated stay-at-home Entrepreneur

  • Profession: A passionate writing and empowerment coach.

  • Credentials: Certified as an Advanced and Executive Leadership Coach.

  • Interests: My hobbies include globetrotting, meeting new people, writing, painting, and cooking.

Everyone around you is writing their books? Do you find yourself longing to write your book too?

"Many are now packaging and publishing their knowledge. Countless individuals are expanding their repertoire with a book. Some leverage their books for self-promotion. Others aspire to publish but feel overwhelmed and lost."

- Charmaine Shettlesworth

Your Writing…Your Process…Refined….

Partner with me, your online writing coach, to elevate the caliber of your work. I offer a personalized, hands-on approach to enhancing your writing process and final product.


Immersive Weekly Writing Retreats

Uncover and hone your distinctive voice during our live writing retreats. Join us weekly through interactive video sessions.


— Act fast! Writing Retreats are filling up quickly!"

Our Services

Book Writing Coach(Paid)
  • Guiding you through the book-writing process.

  • Assisting you in evolving from the initial draft to a polished manuscript.

  • Assist in proofreading and copy editing

  • Line-by-line editing,

  • Formatting 

  • Guiding you through the book-writing process.

  • Assisting you in evolving from the initial draft to a polished manuscript.

Marketing/Distribution support(Paid)
  • Guiding you through the book-writing process.

  • Assisting you in evolving from the initial draft to a polished manuscript.

Meet Our Team

We are a tight-knit team of seasoned writers, coaches, and educators dedicated to mastering our craft.

Charmaine Settlesworth

Writting Coach/Marketing

Laurence H. Paulicin


Teddy Yu


Lester Parkinson


Joan Price

Cover Designer

Shawn Garcia

Distribution Dept.

Does your writing capture attention or repel it?

In today's world, where generic tutoring services, questionable internet experts, and anonymous online editors seem to be everywhere, it's so important to find writing help that's truly personalized for you. You need something crafted just for your unique needs.

You have a voice worth hearing, and an audience eager to listen.".

Writing Coach
Understand Your Purpose

What Motivates Your Writing?

Why Does Publishing Matter?

Why is it Crucial to "Begin Now"?

What Objectives Must You Accomplish?

What Issues Are You Addressing?

Who is Your Target Audience?

What Obstacles Are You Facing?

What Will We Explore?

  • Various Writing Genres: Fiction, Nonfiction (Biographies, Memoirs), Self-Help, How-to Guides, Poetry, Academic Writing, Short Stories, Podcast Scripts, and more.

  • Clarifying Your Purpose

  • Crafting Outlines

  • Brainstorming Titles and Chapter Titles

  • Generating Ideas for Experiences and Events

  • Developing Your Narrative

  • Engaging in Creative Writing Sessions

  • Planning Your Book Launch

  • Navigating the Publishing Process

Why Choose Me?

I serve as your accountability partner.
  • I assist in establishing clear deadlines.

  • I aid in clarifying your writing objectives.

  • I provide consistent follow-up to prevent procrastination.

  • I support you in overcoming writer's block.

  • I offer motivation and encouragement.

  • I celebrate your achievements alongside you.

  • Most importantly, I guide you through the publishing process!

Course Format: Self-Paced or Personalized One-on-One Sessions


Identify what suits your style best.

Dedicate a daily writing slot.

Establish a conducive writing environment.

Maintain a consistent writing schedule.


Engage with the self-paced lessons.

Connect with fellow writers in supportive communities.

Reach out via email or DM for assistance.


Reserve your complimentary 30-minute one-on-one coaching session.



Look At Our Latest Published Author

When I initially signed up to join this writing class, I immediately responded enthusiastically, "Yes!" However, as the days went by, doubts crept in. Could I do this? Did I possess the skills to publish my words? Was I willing to take the risk? Despite these uncertainties, I showed up when the first day of the workshop arrived. And I kept showing up. Thanks to the workshops and the personal one-on-one sessions with Charmaine Shettlesworth, I felt my confidence in myself and my writing rekindle. Charmaine stood by my side, offering support through phone calls and text messages and keeping me focused and motivated. Whenever I had a question, she was there to provide guidance. This experience was truly transformative, and I'm immensely grateful for everything she taught me. Thanks to her mentorship, I've published my first book of poetry, available for sale on Amazon! I couldn't have achieved this without her help and guidance. I wholeheartedly recommend this writing course to anyone aspiring to become an author. You won't regret it!

Pricing List



30-Day Writing Course
Two 2-Hour 1:1 Coaching Sessions
Customized Launch Plan



Writing Course: 30 days
1:1 Coaching Session: 2 hours
Editing Services: copy editing, & proofreading manuscript.
Cover Design
Formatting for digital formats
ISBN Assignment



Everything in the Silver package
Production Services: Editing, proofreading, and more
Launch Plan
Marketing & Distribution
Author Support

Three Payment Plans Available

$1997 reg.



Three equal payments of $499

$3500 reg.



Three equal payments of $966

$5500 reg.



Three equal payments of $1633

Get In Touch

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IG: /dr_shett_author

Thank You

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